Diabetes in Men

While any person can develop diabetes , there are some factors unique for men .Diabetes Association of America has estimated around 19 percent of American men have diabetes already .Diabetic condition in men can be related to these issues as states below :-

Genital Thrust -> diabetes can cause genital thrust commonly known as fungal yest infection . Yeast thrives on sugar itself and eventually passes through urine , Hence the issue.

Reduction of musclemass :

Consistently high raise in sugar may had to the body breaking down muscles and fat in order to produce energy.The reduction of muscle mass is very common type I diabetes and results in weakness. Mens tend to catch diabetes more easily as compared to women. According to a study, men with diabetes were less obese as compared to women of same age.

Diabetes Mellitus I of 30 is obse.Women with 34 BMI were not diabetic whereas men with BMI 30.5 are diabetic. A women could have wait circumference almost four times as of a man before becoming diabetic.

So, Men please take care yourself. Read the next posts, it will help you.

Stay Tuned!
Common Question on Diabetes Answered !

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