Symptoms Of Diabetes

  1. You need to urinate all the time .The science behind this is when you have excess of sugar in your body , the body readily tries to get rid of that extra sugar hence immense urination and peeing all the time .
  2. You are always thirsty.Since a lot of peeing can cause dehydration .Most of the diabetic patient fill their thirst with sugary drinks , soda water , coca cola which actually make the matter worst .
    Another thing to look for is dark colored urine .
  3. Your breath will smell awful .With dehydration it will give way to dry mouth eventually it cause bad breadth .
  4. Vision gets blurry -> this is often an ignored facts among the diabetic patients .Fluid can actually form in your eye lens as well when the sugar level in your body increases .Fortunately , long walks of 2 miles everyday morning can get you rid of this . If it is accompanied with 40 minutes of regular exercise , you will never gets the vision issue i hope so .
  5. Your body organs sleep a lot .Diabetes reduces the blood flow to certain regions of your body and hence it kills some blood vessels as well eventually making your body parts sleep a lot .
  6. Your body takes a lot of time to heal the cuts and bruises . This is because diabetes is generally associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and narrows blood vessels and reducing the blood supply hence reducing the healing power .
  7. You are loosing weight immensely though not trying to .This is because the sugar from the body is gone from the urination and hence body burns fat in order to get energy .

    These are some major symptoms , we need to look for .
    We are trying our best to help the diabetic patients .

    Stay tune for everyday a new post ! God bless .
    Common Questions on diabetes answered .

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