Each one of us should be eating fruits and vegetables. That is equally important if you are living with diabetes or not.

10 fruits and vegetables for diabetes diet - Diabetes Care Community

Reason being, the fruits are associated with lower risk of heart disease and different types of causes.

Diabetic patient may think that sugar content will cause the risk, but the reality is sugar in the whole fruit does not count towards free sugar, so its not the kind of sugar we need to cut down.

The sugar in fruits is totally different from the free sugar, we find in chocolates, sugary drinks, as well as in fruit juice and honey.

Amount of carbohydrates a person takes has a direct effect on your blood glucose level. For the people who follow strict and low cost diet it is very important for then to find out source of carbs which are not healthy and they must cut it down.

It is very rare that you will need to cut down your fruit intake but we must keep a food diary and maintain it.Reason being, people take fruits infrequently and gulp large portions of fruits all at once.

If you consider a serving of Cashews or any similar dry fruits, it packs in 20g carts of sugar, you can get an idea how easily the amount of carbs can rise.

Let me give you an example a large banana counts for one and half portions of fruits and has about 30g carbs.

A large banana is still better than a small cake or chocolate, this is because banana has zero free sugar.

Stay tuned and have fruits in right proportions regularly.

Portion is actually termed as something which comes in one handful. So, fruits must be taken in one to three portions daily.

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