Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Hello Friends , we are going to talk about the early signs if diabetes which would be helpful for judgement whether you have it or not before going to the doctor for checkups .

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  1. Our body needs insulin so that glucose can enter inside the cell . As we know in diabetes the insulin development is almost negligible hence glucose does not reached our cell and we need dizzy and sleepy all the time . So fatigue can be an early symptom .
  2. You feel hungry all the time .
  3. Urinating very often , an average person urinates for 5 to 6 times a day .

As you body is not able to use the glucose already present in the body due to excess sugar kidneys try to remove them off your body , hence a lot of urination . if you are peeing more than 10 times a day , its time for a diabetes checkup my friend .

4.As you tend to urinate like litres of litres in a day , you will feel your skin to be very dry and itchy at night usually .

5. As there is so much up and down in our body regarding fluids . hence it sometimes loosens the lens in the patients eyes . the parts holding the eye lens are directly related to the fluid in our body . hence it cause blurred visions .
Some other small symptoms :-

  1. Your body organs sleep a lot .Diabetes reduces the blood flow to certain regions of your body and hence it kills some blood vessels as well eventually making your body parts sleep a lot .
  2. Your body takes a lot of time to heal the cuts and bruises . This is because diabetes is generally associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and narrows blood vessels and reducing the blood supply hence reducing the healing power .
  3. You are loosing weight immensely though not trying to .This is because the sugar from the body is gone from the urination and hence body burns fat in order to get energy .

these are the basic symptoms , if you match these , please get yourself checked up .
We are here to help you and every diabetic patient around . our helping community is growing strong .

Stay tuned !!

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