The DAWN phenomenon, sometimes called the dawn effect.

Dawn Phenomenon (Liver Dump) - Causes of Dawn Phenomenon & Treatment

DAWN phenomenon is an observed increase in blood sugar(glucose) level that takes place in the early morning, often between 2 am & 8 am.

This is naturally occuring phenomenon ks frequently seen relevant for patient with diabetes.

The DAWN phenomenon is not associated with nocturnal hypoglycemia.Dawn phenomenon caused by an exaggeration of the normal physiologic hormonal processes that occur overnight.

The human body sees increased level of several hormones, most notably growth hormone and catecholamines, that leads to increased rates of glucose production and release from the liver. This effect is amplified in patients with islet B-cells dysfunction such as diabetics.

Observed hyperglycemia secondary to the DAWN phenomenon is often increase in blood glucose of at least > 20mg/dl.between the lowest level at night and the highest level before breakfast, However, actual ranges may vary.

In Type 1 diabetes hyperglycemia due to the DAWN phenomenon can persist despite adequate insulin compensation overnight.

Type 2 diabetics the DAWN phenomenon has been shown to be resistant to treatment with both oral medications and diet modifications.

DAWN phenomenon has also been observed in which the abnormal increase in blood glucose level continues after breakfast, caused by the compounding effectas if absorbing and metabolizing breakfast carbohydrates during this period.

Management of the DAWN phenomenon varies by patients – Some treatment options include, but are not limited to , dietary modifications, increased exercise before breakfast and during the evening. Insulin pumps can be used to provide continuous subcutaneous infusions.

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