Diabetes and Dental issues and Its Effects .

Diabetic patients with poorly controlled diabetes are at a greater risk of being exposed to dental issues.

oral hygiene: Bad breath, swelling and bleeding gums can be ...

The more likely disease is related to the gums as in diabetes the blood supply to the gums gets reduced and it looses its strength. In diabetic patients, high blood sugar can cause dry mouth and due to the reduction of saliva it works as the catalyst for bacteria multiplication in the mouth.

Symptoms we need to watch out for :-

(i) Bleeding gums in the morning.

(ii)Sore gums, on touch pain a lot.

(iii) Bad breath, that does not go away even after mouth wash and brushing many time.

Can Diabetes Affect Your Teeth And Gums?

Take good care of the gums and teeth, brush and floss twice a day without skipping a day.

If you smoke , you must quit as soon as possible.
Commonly Answered Questions on diabetes .

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