The feet and legs are the common area of complications among the people with diabetes.

Having diabetes damage the nerve and blood vessels that supply your legs and feet with oxygen.

This puts people with the risk of developing ulcers on the leg and feet which can become infected and in the worst case, it can develop Gangrene.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Wound Management | Columbus Regional Health

An injury of the foot or leg can be painful, but people suffering from diabetes neuropathy the sensation are very slow and dull and hence some serious damage can go unnoticed as well.

The lost of temperature sensation in legs and feet is also a common cause of burn from hot water and sitting too close to fire or a heater.

In addition to loss of sensation, diabetes can also result in unusual feelings such as tingling, pain and burning of legs and feet.

If the blood supply to various places of legs and feet is extremely low, then it can result in ulcers without any injury as well.

We must take care of foot and legs as –

* Every day foot care

*Treatment of poor circulation

*Everyday washing feet with normal water.

*Drying feet carefully.

*Avoid moisturizing between your toes.

*If you notice an area of solid forming on legs, gently remove it.

*While cutting to nails, cut straight and file sharp edges.

*Choose shoes carefully, it should be large enough.

*Corn plaster must not be used as they can cause foot ulcers.


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