We do not know exactly what causes Type 1 diabetes, but our life style is linked and so sugar does not directly cause the condition.In type 1 diabetes, the insulin producing cells in your pancreas are destroyed by your immune system. No amount of sugar in your diet – or anything in your life style – has caused or can cause you to get type 1 diabetes.

Secondly question of type II diabetes, whether sugar directly causes is a bit complicated.

The impact sugar can have on your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.Because the diabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are too high.It’s all too easy to think eating too much sugar is the cause.

We know sugar does’t directly cause type 2 diabetes, you are more likely to get it, if you are overweight . You gain weight when you take in more calori’es than your body needs , and sugary and drinks contain a lot of calories.

Type 2 diabetes is complex and sugar is unlikely to be the only reason the condition develops.


Sugar is found naturally in fruits, vegetables and dairy foods.It’s also added to food and drink by food manufacturers or by ourselves at home. These types of added sugars are called “free sugars” and also present in pure fruit juices, smoothies, syrups and honey.

The sugar and health is mainly around free sugars, this includes – table sugar – We added to our hot drinks or breakfast cereal, caster sugar, used in baking and also sugars hidden in souces, ready meals, cakes and drinks, pure fruit juice.

Fruit Juice and Diabetes - What Juice Can Diabetics Drink

We also know that sugar sweetened drinks, like canned soft drinks, are associated with an increase risk of Type 2 diabetes.


We all enjoy eating sugary foods occasionally, and there is no problem including them as a treat occasionally. Some people with diabetes, sugary drinks or treat a hypo, when your blood glucose levels get too low.

However, we are eating too much free sugar and harming our health as a result.

What Juices can Diabetics Drink?

Being overweight can make it difficult to manage your diabetes and increase your risk of getting serious health problems, such as heart disease and stroke in the future. So that we can say too much sugar is bad for diabetic patient and teeth also.


No, we don’t have to cut sugar out of diet completely. Sugar is found naturally in fruit, vegetables and dairy foods.

It’s better to eat whole fruit and vegetables rather than having juices or smoothies. If you do have juice, keep to just on small glass – 150ml-a day.

18 Healthy Drinks for People with Diabetes

Hidden sugar lurking in many foods, such as baked beans, pasta souces, tomato ketchup, yogurts and ready meals. Some drinks are packed with sugar too.

Stay Tuned !!
Commonly Answered Questions on Diabetes .


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