In India diabetes is extremely common , it is estimated around 74 millions cases of diabetic patients exist in India right now as we speak.

The cases are statistically more in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas. According to a recent study from the age of 20 and above in urban areas diabetic patient, range from 11% to 15% whereas in the same condition of people among the age of 20 and above it 3% to 8% maximum.

According to an estimate or predictions made by Word Health Organization by the end of year 2030, India will have 100 million type 2 diabetes patients.

In India, Kerala has the highest rate of diabetic patients among all the states.

The question arise why the rate of diabetic patients is so much high in India ?

Due to increase in the BMI(Body Mass Index ) as compared to European countries, the risk raises the far of insulin resistance hence more diabetic patients.

There are some countries which do not diabetes or near to zero which are Vietnam, Norway etc.

For all the Indians, exercising regularly is extremely important and to make sure while cooking food in oil it should not be reused and practice that causes oxidation of oil, hence causing more issues.

6 Great Exercises for People With Diabetes | Everyday Health

Stay Tuned !! We are here to help you.

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