There are some extremely crucial times, everyone needs to be careful to avoid the corona virus causing COVD-19.If you have diabetes of any type you must be more cautions.

COVID-19 and Diabetes: What You Need to Know About Coronavirus


The risk of catching coronavirus for the diabetic patients is not at all higher its just that one you get sick hence the implication will be worse if you are diabetic patient as compared to a normal person having no insulin issues.

To reduce your chance of getting infected.

Keep distance from other people.

-Be extra hygienic.

-Keep your blood pressure and sugar level under control.

-Keep a proper emergency plan, an emergency room just in case you get sick.

As for the current reports 27% of the people who were infected and admitted to hospitals due to COVID-19 had diabetes. The reason being high blood sugar levels weakness the immune system of the patient and hence the person is more susceptible to the corona virus.

Your risk of getting infected is infact higher if you have further complications such as heart or lung disease.

Diabetes & Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 | the.Ismaili

If a diabetic patient gets only the mild symptoms of corona virus there is a big-chance the infection could put you at risk of DKA. DKA stands for diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Patients with diabetes may have worse lung infections

Diabetic ketoacidosis happens when high level of acid known as ketones build up in your blood.

In order to treat this special treatment of balancing the body fluids and electrolytes is considered which can be very serious.

So, during these crucial times of this year if you are a diabetic please you need to take special care of yourself.

Stay Tuned !We are here to help !

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