Diabetes can be treated and controlled.

Type 1 diabetes must be managed with insulin injections. Prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes involves maintaining a healthy diet,regular physical exercise ,a normal body weight and avoiding use of tobaco.

Diabetes is now curable . Is it stunning news for you ? yes-It can be cured permanantely by metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Diet for diabetic patient - The 15 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Few years ago, there was no permanent cure for diabetes treatment. However, new research finds that Diabetes is curable diseases.

Diabetes is a serious disease know ‘Mother of all diseases’ if it is not controlled, it can lead to a host of serious health problems, including eye disorders and blindness, heart diseases, strokes, kidney failure, nerve damage, pregnancy effects etc. A group of 45 medical and Scientific groups including Australian experts recommends Surgery as standard treatment. This recommendation is also approved by International diabetes organizations.

There are different kinds of surgeries that can dramatically end diabetes.

(1) Ileal Interposition – It is a metabolic surgery uses to treat overweight diabetic patient. This technique is applied by placing ileum ( distal part of the small intestine ).Surgery increased the secretion of the hormone which stimulates the beta cells of the pancreas and increases the secretion of insulin. Surgery helps control the level of blood sugar within six months. The success rate ranges between 80%- 100% depending upon the post surgical care.

(2) Gastric Bypass ( roux-en-y gastric by pass ) Surgery – It is a kind of weight loss surgery that reduces the size ofyour stomach to a small pouch. The surgeon attach this pouch directly to the small intestine. This reduces the food intake and amount of fat and calories you absorb. This surgery shows upto 60% of people no signs of diabetes after surgery and people usually lose 60% to 70%of their extra weight.

(3) Gastric sleeve(Sleeve Gastrectomy)- is an operation that removes a large portion of the stomach and remaining stomach is narrow. This operation lowers ‘Ghrelin’ the hormone that makes you feel hungry. More than 80% of people show no signs of diabetes after surgery .People usually lose 50% of their extra weight.

India is becoming an emerging hub for safe diabetes treatment surgery. These metabolic and pariotric surgery are performed by highly trained surgeons.

When diabetes goes into remission, it means that the body does not show any sign of diabetes although the disease is technically still present. According to diabetes remission can take, partial remission complete remission and prolonged remission.

(i) Partial remission – Blood glucose level lower than that of a person with diabetes for at least 1 year without needing to use any medications.

(ii)Complete remission –Blood glucose levels returns to normal levels completely out side of the range of diabetes or prediabetes and stays therefore at least 1 year without any medications.

(iii) Prolonged remission – When complete remission lasts for at least 5 years.

Achieving diabetes remission can be as simple as making changes to an exercise routine or diet. Type 2 diabetes can make relatively simple life style and dietary adjustments to bring their blood sugar levels back into the normal range.

Banana contains sugar and carbs, but it is rich in fibre sugar content in raw bananas is really low, Banana helpful for keeping the digestive systems healthy. Raw bananas are safe for diabetic patient.

Raw Bananas For Diabetes: Health Benefits Of Raw Bananas You Must ...

Raw bananas are rich in fibre, they have low glycemic index and people with weak digestive systems should refrain from eating raw bananas.

They help in maintaining blood sugar and also help in keeping the heart healthy.

Raw bananas or green bananas are widely cultivated in southern India and are in fact used in most Indian cuisines. Raw bananas is rich in various vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy body. Raw bananas are specially rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Vitamin C is an essential minerals for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin C gives a boost to immune system and contains antioxidants which protect the body from damage caused by free radicles. Vitamin B6 on the other hand is responsible for converting food into energy.It is good for heart health and improves brain functions.

Diabetes can in face include raw bananas in their daily diet. Fibre is helpful in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Consuming raw bananas regularly can help in controlling cholesterol levels.

Raw bananas can be helpful in keeping stomach problems. These include problems like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Raw bananas are rich in fibre.Eating fibrous foods helps you keep full for longer and thus reduce appetite and rich source of Potassium. Potassium rich foods are good for health of kidneys, Raw bananas are also great for keeping blood pressure under control.

The Vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals bananas contain help to maintain overall good health, because the fruits sugar content is balanced with fiber, it helps maintain a healthy blood gl;ucose level. Even people with diabetes can enjoy a banana, according to the American Diabetes Association – Bananas are a better source of energy than expensive sports drinks.Two bananas provide enough calories for an 1-1/2 hour workout or walk. Bananas rich in potassium, help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain . This also helps that bodymaintain a regular heartbeat, lower blood pressure and a proper balance of water in the body, according to the National Institutes of Health. Bananas is mood regulating substance may help your mind and body rel;ax so you feel happier.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream (2-Ingredients) + Video

Bananas are a safe and nutrition fruit for people with diabetes to eat in moderation as part of a balanced, individualized diet plan. A person with diabetes should include fresh, plant food option in the diet such as fruits and vegetables.

On conculsion – A person can include well-controlled amounts of banana in the diet if they have diabetes.

Diabetes at least doubles a person’s risk of early death.

When you have type 1 diabetes,blood may not move as well through your legs and feet, this might lead to amputation of your feet. Untreated type 1 diabetes can cause coma. It can even kill you.

Diabetes is associated with premature death from Cardio vascular disease ( coronary heart disease, stroke and heart failure )Several concerns (Liver, colorectal and lung) and other disease ( chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases ).

Diabetes constitutes a world-wide public health problem, that affected 382 million people ( 8.3%) of the world’s population. Recent projections suggests that this prevalence is likely to increase in the next 20 years, affecting 592 million people (10.1%) in2035. In spain , diabetes affects 13.8% of individuals older than 18 years and is more prevalent a men than in women. The average life expectancy of a 50 years old individual with diabetes is 6 yrs shorter than it would be without the diseases. There are several studies included 55,292 individuals(15.6% with diabetes) The number of deaths in the 10 years median follow up among the 44,664 individuals without diabetes and 781(9.1% in those diabetes. Finally no cause of death information was available for 85(10.9%) and 220(12.2%) of the deaths with and without diabetes ,respectively.

Individuals with diabetes were significantly older, less likely to smoke, Higher BMI,Systolic blood pressure,triglycerides and glycemia , and more often presented with hypertension , compared with individuals without diabetes. In addition, individuals with diabetes had significantly lower HDL cholestrol values, whereas total cholestrol value were significantly lower in men but significantly higher in women. Women with diabetes presented with significantly higheer diastolic blood pressure and LDL cholesterol compared with women without diabetes. The overall mortality rate was significantly higher in individuals with diabetes.

Diabetes significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular, cancer,non cardiovascular non cancer andoverall death in both sexes. The risk of death from coronary heart diseases was almost threefold higher in individuals with diabetes. Diabetes was also significantly related with higher mnortality from stroke and heart failure. In addition, the risk of lung cancer was increased in individuals with diabetes.

Regarding other causes of death from infections and from renal and liver diseases, such as suppression of cellular immunity,nephropathy and fatty liver diseases.

Several studies have shown alteration in the diabetes course by introducing changes in health promotion activities ( e.g.Screening and support in achieving life style modifications) in the clinical management of such diseases ( e.g. intensive control of cardiovascular risk factors), in health systems ( e.g. functional multi disciplinary units for the management of dibetes) and in society as a whole ( e.g.Smoking ban Policies ).

Diabetes is associated with premature death from cardiovascular diseases ( coronary heart diwease,stroke and heart failure).Several cancer ( liver, colorectal and lungs), and other diseases ( Chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases ).There are the signs of end-of-life due to diabetes-

– Using the bathroom frequently

– Increased Drowsiness.

– Infections

– Increased thirst

– Itching

– Weightloss

– Fatique

– Increased hunger

– Numbness in fingers/toes

– Wounds that are slow heal.

Signs of low blood glucose include:

-Feeling irritabl;e or anxious

– Trembling and sweating

– Paleness

– Palpitations

– Blurred vision

Statistically diabetes results in lower life expectancy than people without diabetes,However, it is not all doom & gloom and there are steps you can take which can help to increase your likelihood of living longer.

Exercise and Diabetes - Vdiabetic

Stay Tuned!


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